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What's all the buzz about?

It's about you and your services! We want to know about them and we want to show them off. Our hospitality tradeshow format is designed specifically to ensure you get facetime at your booth with each and every attendee. We value your time and give our sponsors opportunities to mix and mingle with our group outside of the tradeshow format. Read what some of the 2014 tradeshow vendors are saying!

"All I can say is WOW, what a phenomenal Tradeshow!"

"All I can say is WOW, what a phenomenal Tradeshow! Everything from the size of the show, to the participation of GM’s to the entertainment, this was a First Class Event. Thank you again for inviting HD Supply. The response we received at our booth was fantastic! Your GM’s were VERY engaged and interested in learning more about what HD Supply had to offer in our Value Proposition. . . I truly hope that this is the start of a Very long relationship that is beneficial for everyone. I would love to hear the feedback you received from everyone about HD Supply. Let’s talk more about what it will take for HD Supply to become a preferred vendor!"


- Earl Madison | HD Supply

"I love the idea of an autograph book...not one person was in a rush"

"There is not one area that we felt did not provide value. I love the idea of the autograph book as it provides an incentive for everyone to stop by our booth. Not one person was in a rush, they were just there with time to discuss what we had to share. It works! I want to thank you for your hospitality, it is so refreshing to see and support good old fashion hard work and a get it done attitude organization like Kinseth. No pomp and circumstance. It is Ecolab's pleasure and honor to be a partner! Thank you. "


- Jeff Sackett | Ecolab

"...The sponsorship benefits, ads, promotional signage, etc were outstanding..."

"I wanted to send a quick but heartfelt note of thanks for your excellent organization and hard work that made the Kinseth Tradeshow such a wonderful success. We truly appreciated the above and beyond welcome. The sponsorship benefits, ads, promotional signage etc were outstanding and hats off to your marketing department!  The Event Center and accommodations were ideal.  All who passed out booth were interested in what we discussed and in finding new food service solutions. The Sunday and Monday evening events were second to none and the perfect icebreakers.  We are so thankful that you took the time, expense and effort to make us feel included as part of the Kinseth family.   Food Marketing Services looks forward to next year's Kinseth Tradeshow and an even stronger partnership in the future. This was the best experience.  We truly felt like valued partners."

- Beth Wick | Food Marketing Services

"...better than all the shows I attend each year..."

"I felt the social hours were helpful as I was able to put a face to the name and have someone on one time. This event was put together better then all the shows I attend each year. Look forward to 2015!!!!"

- Chris Caroll | Galaxy One

"Everyone was welcoming and I felt appreciated for participating"
"...The networking was the most beneficial..."

"This event was very well established. I would have never guessed that this is only the second year for the vendor tradeshow portion. I felt the networking was the most beneficial in gaining contacts/relationship building."

- Tammy Buckholt | Maintenance USA

"...Kinseth Conference was extremely well organized, and fun to be a part of..."

"First of all, let me congratulate you on a job well done last week!  We've been to many trade shows and conferences over the years, and I can say the Kinseth Conference last week was extremely well organized, and fun to be a part of.  You have our commitment to be back next year as a top tier sponsor!"

- Michael Serour | Verdant Environmental Technologies

"Social hours allowed us to mingle with GM's and ownership..."

"Social hours/networking opportunities gave vendors an opportunity in an informal and relaxing setting to mingle with GM's and ownership away from the tradeshow setting. We feel that this is what sets this event apart from the others we attend."

- Steven Slecta | Guest Supply

"We were treated like we are part of the Kinseth team..."

"Everyone associated with Kinseth Hospitality from the top management on down is great to work with! It is always nice to meet those we have not met before and to meet face to face with those we have. We were treated like we are a part of the Kinseth team and greatly appreciate being made to feel that way! From the socializing to the entertainment to interaction at the tradeshow, it was all perfect. Scott and his staff did a great job with this event from beginning to end. We appreciate being a Kinseth vendor and being a participant in the tradeshow. The value of our participation is evident and we appreciate the opportunity to continue to provide quality products for Kinseth hotels!"


- Debbi Malik | Mill Distributors, Inc.

"...steady flow of traffic which allowed us to spend quality time with each hotel representative"

"I appreciate Bruce speaking and sharing the direction of Kinsteh both last year and this year's plan. We hope to continue growth with Kinseth as we both progress. There seemed to be a steady flow of ttraffic[at the tradeshow] which allowed us to spend more quality time with each hotel representative. The entertainment was off the hook!"

- Robert Kennedy | Sboca Wireless Network

"My favorite part was the chance to meet the ownership and hotel management. This event is better in that everyone was welcoming. I felt appreciated for participating. Too often vendor participation is an expectation, without regard to cost. Everyone made an effort to acknowledge the suppliers there. Thanks for a great first-time experience!"

- Kathy Simon | In the Swim

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